Roaring with Jaguar

As always, it’s been a busy time in Spark44 Towers with two launches for two very different cars. First the Jaguar I-PACE, the brands first All-Electric car sneaks around the Monaco Grand Prix Circuit at the dead of night.  Directed by Henry-Alex Rubin from Smuggler, the car was still embargoed so had to be filmed secretly. Luckily there weren’t many people around at that time of night to see the car! The film was created by Mike Boles and Jerry Hollens.

View the film here…

Meanwhile, over on a volcanic mountain range, Jaguar F-PACE was creating quite a stir with the ferocious new SVR. Pitting the cars against each other the drivers on opposing cliff-edges race to get to each other’s start point, as a black sand timer counts them down.

The film was created by Sean Doyle and Ed Edwards at Spark 44 and directed by Lino Russell at Bang TV. Sound design was by James Saunders at Soundtree.






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