Production Services

We’ve lived & worked all over the globe and know how important service companies are to the production process. The clients we’ve worked with have a thorough knowledge of their country and are well respected in their field. From deserts to cityscapes, volcanoes to coastlines, South America to South Africa, Europe to India, you can be assured you will have the highest standard of locations, crew and ensure your production is effortless and an absolute joy! Any queries on locations or shooting abroad, please contact us and we can put you in touch with our clients.



This is where Bot Inc first developed her love and knowledge for services back in 2011 working alongside some of the best in the business. Argentina is spoiled with outstanding locations from dramatic mountainous landscapes in Patagonia to salt flats in Salta and has serviced the film industry for many, many years.  With Buenos Aires being at the hub of the industry, clients can expect high-end crew & vendor selection, top location scouting, casting, and quality equipment. In fact, Argentina is one of the only two countries in Latin America to have access to the Russian Arm. Rich in culture, food and hospitality, you can guarantee first class service for your production in Argentina.


Chile is one of the countries in Latin America that is rapidly on the rise for the film industry. Renowned for its stunning Patagonian glaciers, dry deserts, the snow capped Andes, modern cities, valleys and rainforests, huge variety can be found in Chile. Being a small country (220 miles at its widest point) travelling to locations can be easily achieved with the furthest location being only 2 hours by plane. Chile now boasts a talent pool of top notch crew, producers and equipment plus most countries now do not require a visa to enter. Seasons are flipped and winter begins from June to October and summer from December to March.


Colombia has a population of 27 million and is the 3rd largest populated country in Latin America. Despite it’s chequered past, Colombia has made huge strides politically and at present holds a peace process amongst rebels. It is now considered one of the booming countries for film locations. The capital Bogota hosts many sound, VFX studios and facility houses and is known for being very cost effective in terms of production (with many shoots costing half of production in US and in some parts of Europe) Colombia is also diverse with locations covering across both the Pacific & Atlantic coast, jungles, as well as historical villages, ancient cities and stunning tropical islands.


India is home to some of the world’s most exotic locations. From tea plantations, epic coastlines and beaches, jungles, Himalayas and mountainous peaks, temples and holy cities to name but a few. India can be chaotic and challenging to shoot but with the right production partner, and adequate organisation and time, can be very rewarding. India has a long shooting season, top crews and producers as well as numerous studios across the country. With “Bollywood” being an enormous industry for the country there is not much India does not offer in ways of production.


With only a short flight from London, the island of Mallorca is still a huge pull for producing TVC and stills shoots especially for the UK. With abundant good weather and sun nearly all year round Mallorca and the Balearics provide a great place to shoot any production large or small. Mallorca offers locations such as winding roads, villages, coastlines, historical towns all within a 2 hour reach of each other. There is a large talent pool of incredible professionals, state of the art technical equipment and logistical services. And of course plenty of good food and fine wine! Pass me the rioja!


Mexico is one of the most unique and creatively alive cultures on the planet. As soon as you step off the plane you are hit by colour, energy and a unique way of life. From architecture, food, music, nightlife, sport to countryside, every trip to Mexico offers a different cultural experience and guaranteed excitement. Regardless of the outstanding locations from gritty urban, European cobblestone, modern skyline and suburban bliss, to mountain, coastline and jungle, Mexico also hosts large modern studios in Mexico City and Baja California (Churubusco & Estudios Baja). The country boasts a very high standard art department as well as prolific production designers and some of the world’s best technical crews. 


Poland is a hidden gem in the Eastern European landscape and has become increasingly popular to shoot over the past few years. It has a rich film and theatre history that has created top DOPs, amazing set designers, wardrobe stylists and great technical crews. As well as that, Poland has many unexpected locations from snow capped mountain ranges to beautiful sandy beaches, castles and palaces, forests and lakes plus some of the best vodka in Europe! It has four distinct seasons so can shoot all year round, depending on the brief. There are many studios around Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw and Lodz, and with that comes exceptional art & set construction. With the right production partner, permits can be easily obtained. In fact, shooting in Poland couldn’t be made any simpler!