There are many interesting and engaging ways to generate PR within the industry. The clever thing is to incorporate a well thought idea into an PR opportunity. It is very easy to make sunglasses or a tote bag for Cannes (don’t get me wrong, we LOVE a tote bag!). However, the things that are remembered or kept are things that are creative and have an idea attached.

Evil Election/Independent Magazine
Animation company Evil created vinyl character designs of famous people which proved to be an international success on Twitter. We were approached by the Independent to do a feature on the election back in 2015 (when politics was more jovial). The figures were retweeted thousands of times.

Madrefoca US Election Launch Party
Mexican Production Company Madrefoca caused a stir in the latter part of last year when director Sarah Clift made a short film about a Mexican boy and a Donald Trump Pinata. To celebrate the success of the film and to launch the production services in the UK, Madrefoca threw a party on the night of the election in Soho and invited industry friends (over 250 attendees) to come and give Trump a good bashing. We charted the pinata’s journey from Mexico City, through customs, a quick operation to repair his legs and then finally to the party. The winner of the bashing pinata received 3 months membership to the venue Lights of Soho.

Hymns for the Hungover/GOLDSTEIN Music/VCCP
The brief was to promote the talents of the fabulous folk at GOLDSTEIN Music with a Christmas twist. Bot Inc teamed them up with a wonderful pair of creatives who had great ‘bottom drawer’ creative ideas. The team re-recorded a choir performing hushed Christmas Carols with a hypnotic voice over to help cure the hangovers. The stunt made the Christmas Cards Top 10 in Campaign.

The Evil Magazine Exhibition/Coy Communications

To promote animation company A Large Evil Corporation, friends
Coy Communications photographed and designed a magazine to promote the Evil Brand. The result was an exhibition of equisite prints, a goodie bag of Evil branded peaches, badges and a copy of the magazine. The event was held at Big Buoy post production house and attendance was the largest they had ever had for their event.