“Stay Positive” campaign brightens up shop windows

My mate Tomo and I (well mostly her) have been working on a bloody lovely print campaign selling nada but positivity. It was only supposed to be three prints to cheer up a shop window in Shrewsbury but they’ve become so popular, the entire town has them in their empty shop windows! Now we’re targeting Brighton as our next destination. If you like ’em, you can buy them here, stick in your windows and spread the love. Please also forward to any shop owners who you think would want to perk up their windows. Follow us on instagram @staypositivecampaign

Here’s a few of my personal faves….
ps – art dwellers – these are low res, order on the link above if you like them for top notch top quality prints #staypositive 


Project Breathe Free

I was supposed to be in LA on 26th March. By that point, Trump had banned all visitors to the US from the UK and lockdown had only just begun.

A friend of mine asked me to be involved in his personal project about LA and now after two weeks, the first phase is completed. I know I have several friends who would be great to work with us on moving this project forward.


Like any organism, a city is a living and breathing thing. Project Breathe Free is a plea to stay at home, stay safe and by doing so, one day we will all breathe free again.

Let your community know what’s happening where you live and be part of documenting life during Covid-19. As our city comes back to life, this film will change to reflect its evolution with your help.

We invite you to be a contributor by sharing images of your neighbourhood. If you are a creator, a film-maker, a producer, editor, or someone who has an ambition to find a way to help, please visit https://lnkd.in/g8nUKPs to learn how you can make an impact. Or, just contribute by sharing this post to your own community. #projectbreathefree #stayhome